Going Small

I decided that I’d like to try my hand at a series of small works. The motivation was partly lack of space but I’m actually enjoying the challenge of simplifying the detail of each image whilst still retaining my first emotional response.

Workshop 2019

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis so please book early.  To check availability please contact me by email: janerhodes@gmail.com

Pastels, using tonal underpaintingWednesday 16th January
Paint a canvas – without brushes Saturday 16th February 
Watercolour Ways – using different surfacesWednesday 13th March
Pastels AgainSaturday  13th April
Oil Painting in Simple StagesWednesday 22nd May
Let’s Start with Figures, mixed mediumWednesday 10th July
Impressionistic PastelsSaturday 14th September
Using Mixed Media with CollageWednesday 23rd October
Pastels Once More!Wednesday 13th November

Scotland revisited:

IMG_2427 IMG_E2429

In August I again toured Scotland with my husband on his motorcycle. Two weeks travelling through some of the most stunning landscape in the UK and some of the wildest too. As always I come away wanting more so I find solace in painting scenes that have inspired me.


This time I used a photograph as my starting point and quickly painted two small studies as seen here to establish tonal areas and my colour palette as posted here. The completed pastel painting is now ready to frame.

My Collection of Pastels

Since 1994 when I first discovered this medium, I have been adding to my collection of pastels.  From a basic starter set, I have constantly been searching for those elusive ‘English’ landscape colours.  Every time I visit an art shop I head straight to the section that displays individual pastels, as excited as any child in a sweet shop!  I have samples from many manufacturers, the important thing for me is always the colour.



This was my first box quickly filled, each of the trays arranged by colour and tone and although I used it for many years, it is far too heavy to carry to and from workshops and demonstrations so it now remains my ‘store’ cupboard.






Perhaps my favourite box, this contains a selection of ‘jumbo’ pastels in my most used colours plus a few smaller ones in both the lightest and darkest tones.  The large pastels allow me to apply large areas of colour quickly before I move on to detail.  Rapid results.






In my studio I use a customised tray on wheels, designed and made by my son.  Again arranged by colours and tonal values, when not in use I can roll it away under my desk.

This small portable lightweight box contains all the colours I require for a demonstration or outdoor work.  Inexpensive and readily available from any DIY store, perfect when starting out.