Waterfall in Aros Park, Tobermory: Stages 1, 2, 3

Underpainting process using watercolour paint on Colourful pastel paper

P1010782 (3)

Working up with a selection of soft and hard pastels

IMG_1085 (1)


The painting completed

 P1010792 (4)














After an initial underpainting to establish the large colour blocks and some basic drawing elements, I began to add pastel, concentrating on showing the dappled light in this beautiful tranquil spot.  I hope these three pictures will speak for themselves.

Happy New Year


I’d like to wish all fellow artists and art lovers an inspired and inspiring year ahead.  

May you each find peace, love and happiness in your life.

Reminder of remaining workshop dates


There are only two workshops left for 2014.  The first is Oil Painting on Thursday 27th November for which there are a few places left and then as requested by many of you,  I have arranged an extra Pastel painting on Friday 5th December.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you want to be included on either of these workshops.

Update on ‘Under One Heaven’


Yesterday evening’s opening of the exhibition was well attended and I was encouraged by the numerous comments and words of appreciation left in the guest book.  My thanks to an excellent picture framer, to everyone at the Visual Arts Centre that helped with the organisation and of course, to those of you came along to support me.

Tuesday Art Group Show

My Tuesday art class have finally been cajoled (bullied) into having some of their work framed and it is now hanging for all to see on the gallery wall at OSO coffee shop in the High Street at Cranfield.  I am extremely proud of their efforts and hope everyone who sees this will realise that if you really want to paint then you CAN.  Like so many things it takes some determination and practise but the results are there for all to see.