Update on ‘Under One Heaven’


Yesterday evening’s opening of the exhibition was well attended and I was encouraged by the numerous comments and words of appreciation left in the guest book.  My thanks to an excellent picture framer, to everyone at the Visual Arts Centre that helped with the organisation and of course, to those of you came along to support me.

Tuesday Art Group Show

My Tuesday art class have finally been cajoled (bullied) into having some of their work framed and it is now hanging for all to see on the gallery wall at OSO coffee shop in the High Street at Cranfield.  I am extremely proud of their efforts and hope everyone who sees this will realise that if you really want to paint then you CAN.  Like so many things it takes some determination and practise but the results are there for all to see.

OSO Coffee and Cake


Great coffee, incredibly delicious home made food and art work too!  Come and see for yourself.

These two small paintings are included on the gallery wall at OSO coffee shop, High Street, Cranfield as part of the Artists Network Art Trail throughout September.  Five local artists have selected pieces on show to demonstrate the style of painting to be viewed at their studios.  For details visit www.artsnetbeds.org.uk


Towards Kings Cross Under the Bridge